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Staring at a box of unworn jewellery ………..

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

"I didn't have a lot of jewellery but I did have some nice pieces. The problem was I didn't wear them. An emerald in an old-fashioned setting, a diamond earring without its pair. Some beautiful Tahitian pearls but on too short a rope. A teenage necklace of delicate white pearls that was too young for me now.

I was destined to pass my jewellery on to my two daughters. Then they would stare at a box of unworn jewellery…………

Instead, I took my jewellery to Cathy Stephens in Groby to be remodelled.

I now have a fabulous emerald ring. It is a version of a ring Cathy designed a long time ago. The stone is offset by the lonely diamond and the mount includes my wedding ring which I rarely wore

My daughters now have long drop earrings that have used some of my Tahitian pearls as have my friends Hannah and Rosie. The designs are individual to each person.

My pretty white pearl necklace has been lengthened with perfect matching pearls and is now much worn.

Friend Jenny opted to have her diamond earrings given a new lease of life with a couple of my pearls

Cathy used some pearls and the original clasp to create a striking bracelet

The whole experience of Cathy designing and remodelling my jewel was a personal and enjoyable experience. I would encourage anyone to take a fresh look at unworn jewellery"

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