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Jewelry Designer

Memento & Memorial Jewellery

A piece to remember a loved one by or to keep them close to your heart...


Incorporating personal features such as birth stones or favorite hobbies will give your piece special meaning.

We can work ashes into your piece of jewellery whether you want it to be hidden in the band of a ring or in a locket around your neck. Finger prints can be worked into most pieces where space allows.

A piece to commemorate a happy moment or epic event...

The only limits are the imagination! We can create an evocative piece to your specification or inspire you with a wide range of suggestions.

Why not incorporate a keep sake kept from a special trip?

Scroll down to see some previous ideas brought to life.

Made to commemorate a huge honour and to celebrate a most wonderful year.


To get the most out of your 'old gold' we recommend changing it as little as possible.

This is a lovely example where our customer has her great grandmother's wedding band.

We cut the band and then shaped it into her initial. An 'S' is ideal - as you can see.

Importantly the original hallmark is retained and becomes an attractive feature of the pendant.

Finished off with a diamond - why not?

No animals were harmed in making this pendant!

Fossilised shark's tooth collected on an epic trip to Canada and now immortalised in 18ct gold. 


It looks like a just a fancy ring but the bead has been made of two 'bowls' so the ashes could be poured into one before the top is put on and lasered shut.


A tiny lozenge shaped box is made by precision cutting sheet and lasering the pieces together leaving the top open to pour in the ashes. Once inside the final piece is added and it is sealed.

Fine hand engraving adds a meaningful touch of fond memories. 

On trend jewellery with a private and personal meaning.


He loved to fish.

The shape is chosen and a hollow version is cast.

Ashes are poured inside and the piece is sealed ready to wear close to your heart.



His wedding ring cut once to open out, and curled back again like a heart.

Her birth stone added.

A beautiful piece made to wear and enjoy, the meaning a secret or a story to share.

Peas in a pod?

A clever way to remember a pregnancy and celebrate a new arrival.



Picked up on an epic journey to a remote destination.


Can’t guess?

It was a first date thing.



Epic fingerprints



 A sea shell picked up on a Norfolk Beach and then cast in precious metal.

The piece can then be used to make almost anything.

Prices start from around £290 in silver.


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