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Jewelry Designer


Jewellery reflects personality and individualism so why have the same as anyone else?

At Cathy Stephens we are passionate about bespoke design and the individuality of each and every piece hand made in our workshop. We love to design to personal specifications as it gives the piece a deeper sentiment and meaning.

Come and see us at one of our branches to have a bespoke piece, designed by us, unique to you



You have complete control and choice over how your piece will look, you can create a piece full of meaning and sentiment completely unique and bespoke to you or your loved one!

You can choose your type and colour of stone, of which we can show you a selection so that you can choose your own. You can also specify the shape and size of the stone, as well as the grade of stone.

View a range of diamond sizes to see what suits you best, different shades of blue sapphires, pink or green tourmalines. The choices are endless. We can also show you different qualities of stones along with the prices so you can make an informed choice.

We can work with you to turn your own ideas into a beautiful piece of jewellery, design pieces to match items you might already own, or we can create completely original designs for you. We will produce drawings with you to choose from or adjust along with sample ideas in other pieces to give you a real life feel for how the finished piece will look.

The type of metal, stone size, type and quality all affect the price of a piece.
We are able to offer a range of quotes depending on size, quality and design.

The price you are quoted is always the price you pay, never more.
We can quote for your request or work to your budget, and advise you if you would like to find a balance between the two!

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