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How to reuse your old jewellery to design something that will last forever with Cathy Stephens

Nothing lasts for ever…

So they say…

But what if you are talking about a loved piece of jewellery? OK, everything can wear but it does not mean that your special piece is no more. What to do? Come and see us, we can help.

Handmaking the platinum settings
Precise positioning

"Fond memories of a holiday in Barcelona," recalled our customer... It was here where the engagement ring was bought.

Forty happy years have followed, yet in recent times so have the repair jobs. A stone replaced here... some refurbishment there. And so it went on. Losing another stone this year was the final straw and she decided to take up our advice to have the ring remade using her stones.

Building up the ring head
Creating the claws

Our photos show the cutting, soldering and work put in... by hand. Acquiring the "new" ring this year was timely since it coincides with a special birthday. Particular thanks to our workshop manager for their time in creating this piece, and of course congratulations to our customer on her birthday!

Grain-setting the side stones
The finished ring

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