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Restoration of a well loved ring…

As well as commission work we take on all sorts of simple and complicated repairs with all work carried out in our state of the art workshop by our wonderfully skilled team of jewellers.

We recently took in this "well worn" ring that was in desperate need of a full refurb. Not a re-design as the style was well loved, but it needed a new diamond in a new setting and the shank needed quite a bit of restorative work to make it wearable again...

The old setting was replaced with a new 6-claw platinum setting, a new diamond was set and the 18ct gold shank was re-shaped and strengthened.

The restored ring is now back on the finger where it deserves to be.

Visit us at either one of our shops in Nottingham or Groby for your no obligation quote on any and all jewellery repairs and of course commissions. We are always happy to advise on the feasibility of repairs, suggest the most cost effective solution and where necessary come up with creative ways to restore your precious pieces.

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