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Remodelling diamond pendants into new jewellery

"If you have a diamond pendant and pair of stud earrings that just aren't to your taste.

What do you do?

No doubt they cost you a lot of money and are now lying unworn in a draw.

Are you aware of our remodelling service?

You can book a free consultation with us.

The newly remodelled handmade ring
Our customers unworn jewellery

Perhaps you have an inkling of what you want. From this one of our designers can sketch initial designs; the vision - a unique, bespoke ring set with her diamonds, but also with your favourite coloured stone? Emerald!

This is exactly what we did for our customers.

She picked her favourite emerald from our sourced selection. Her ideal placement of the stones and twist style were then developed hand-in-hand to give the unique final design.

We source a selection of gemstones for her to pick from
We worked with our customer's ideas to develop the design

Making by hand, our workshop team then twisted 18ct rose gold with dual-platinum wires to create the band. Planished and shaped for comfort, the stones were hand-set, creating the unique ring in the photo.

A big thank you to our customer for choosing us. Pictured: Bespoke, handmade Cathy Stephens Twisted ring, set with emerald and 3 round cut diamonds."

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