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Unique Engagement Rings Trends in the UK

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Engagement day is one of the most important and unforgettable occasions in your life. In this ceremony, everyone wants to wear a beautiful ring to their engagement ceremony. Many engagement rings are designed in such a way that they can wear them forever to give a glamorous look to your hands. Finding a good and unique engagement ring can become complex in 2023. But no worries now! Here in this blog, we will let you know about the latest trends for unique engagement rings.

Brownstones for Unique Engagement Rings

The rings with brown gemstones are the trendiest in 2023. This ring is so attractive and feminine for brown centerpieces. By Adding the yellow colour, A brown touch can affect flaws in the gemstone structure. Women like to wear this fashionable ring at their engagement ceremony as it comes in a sleek style. The brownstone rings are offered in different shapes such as oval, round, Square (with a rounded edge), pear, marquise, etc. At Cathy Stephens, we provide unique engagement rings to our customers in various sizes, shapes, and elegant colours. Keep in mind that the central stone in the ring will be brownstone.

Gold Engagement Ring with diamond

Diamond rings are known as the most elegant rings in the rings industry. These rings have been popular since ancient times and are still famous in 2023. Almost every couple worldwide acquire gold diamond rings at their engagement ceremony. It will give an impressive and sparkling look to your hands.

No ring is more grateful and meaningful than a diamond engagement ring. Diamond stones with gold rings make the best fit for your engagement ceremony. This is the world’s common combination, and people like to wear it. In addition, these rings last longer than usual and have fewer chances of breakage.

A diamond comes in 10 different elegant shapes. These shapes are round, princess, oval, cushion, pear, emerald, Asscher, marquise, heart shape, and radiant. All of these ten shapes look perfect in a gold ring. Furthermore, you can change the colour of your gold ring to make it more stylish. A light & dark combination of gold ring and diamond can also be the best choice.

You may have heard that diamond rings have a lot of higher prices. This is because the increasing volume of these rings made them more expensive than usual. But spending a higher price will give you a quality product. A diamond ring worth your money on the occasion of your engagement.

Combined Gemstones make for Unique Engagements Rings

The engagement ceremony is the day you can express authenticity and have fun. There is no special rule when you are designing an engagement ring. You can use different types of gemstones in your engagement ring in different styles. Various fancy cuts, asymmetrical formations, and contrasting shapes are available to give a charming look to your engagement ring. A ring with combined gemstones is trendy these days, and there is no end to its design collection. Many say that a combined gemstone ring gives a more romantic look and gorgeous look.

The combined gemstone ring is an all-time favourite for everyone. You can make fancy combinations in your engagement ring with the help of combined gemstones. For example, you can use one gemstone in a round and one in a heart shape. And you can use one stone with a rounded edge and one in marquise. Furthermore, you can change the stone sizes according to your need. Such as, you can use one stong in large size and one gemstone in small size.

When combining the gemstones, you can use diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other semi-precious stones. The best combination combines diamonds with rubies or sapphires in small and large shapes. This combination of such stones is precious and looks stylish on anyone’s hand.

Bespoke Engagement Rings for Women

At Cathy Stephens, we have many engagement rings available in our collection. You can select any ring from this collection or even make it edited by us according to your need. Furthermore, Cathy Stephens is a bespoke brand. This means you can give us the design we will build a custom ring for you. You can talk to us via call, video call, email o,r chat with us. Our team will notice your requirements and design a product sketch for you. Make sure you give the complete requirements of stones and ring style. Then, we will show you the final design for your approval before making the ring. Once you approve the design, our professionals will build the same design for you. So, to get the best unique engagement ring and make your occasion memorable, shop now with Cathy Stephens!

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